Automate your network

One of the hot topics of the networking industry today is network automation. Networking conferences are starting to teach the attendees Python, and all the cool companies are talking about their crazy automation projects.

Meanwhile lots of companies that have been in the industry before facebook was a thing look at their network and see the baggage they have. All the legacy, and all the manually provisioned circuits on tens of different platforms. They want to automate too, but the project seems insurmountable.

This is not a tutorial site, or a consultancy.

This is just me, writing about network automation, because I find it interesting.

Who am I?

I'm a network engineer with a little over 10 years experience from various types of ISP networks. I code, and I've done so since long before somebody could put together the arbitrary combination of letters "NetDevOps". I resent manual repetitive task, so I've always tried to cut corners using scripting whenever I could.